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Makes my heart melt <3

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Makes my heart melt <3

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<333 Made a Sig for… Whenever I go back to Forums.

IF I go back to Forums, can’t say I can find a decent as well as active forum. All the active ones are filled to the brim with fucking morons and all the cool ones get like 20 posts a month xD

And TSE is wayyy to big a forum for me, still too shy to post much there <3 But I love it, anyway.

I put all my love for Nobu/Ran into this e__e <3 I adore these two so much, their relationship is breathtaking, sweet yet tragic, full of love and affection and conflicting persona’s. Ran is like the purity in Nobunaga’s life, but at the same time Nobunaga taints him to be so dark sometimes, I think that’s why Nobunaga gets such a thrill around Ranmaru, he’s maintained a certain degree of innocence even though Nobunaga’s influence in his life is so very apparent. I think this is shown all the way down to their clothing and coloring. Ranmaru always has some sort of white or bright color along with Black or Purple to show his connection to Nobunaga, at the same time as sharing colors they both have a few polars, and that’s basically their relationship. For two people who think so closely alike they act so different, Ranmaru accepts Nobunaga and Nobunaga cherishes Ranmaru to the point of telling him he’s blessed to have him in his life. Nobunaga adores Ranmaru so much he expresses desires to see Ranmaru break out from his ‘page’ status and find himself, desires to see Ranmaru as more than just his servant/bodyguard, and not to be held to the standards that society would dictate that he does.

I’m just so full of love for this pairing <3

That and the way Ranmaru sexually molests Nobunaga in his praises
My god
The battlefield isn’t a good place to give your lord a hard-on, Ranmaru sweetie <3

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First time for everything (NobuRan)

(Pure and unadulterated crack)

Ranmaru sighed softly. He was preparing the dinner for tonights guests. They were heavily underhanded in the kitchen as most of their army was away, and well, servants were essential for the soldiers to be at ease. Ranmaru didn’t mind helping out with lower chores of course. As Nobunaga’s own personal page, he didn’t have to do common house chores normally.

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Beautiful Blade~

He felt tormented as all he could do was stare into his lords eyes. Somehow he found it in himself to clear his mind, this was a battlefield. Though in all the dreams, and fantasies of carnage that ran through his head, he never imagined this. For Nobunaga to be staring at him, from enemy lines.

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My Treasure (NobuRan)

Nobunaga felt restless, with an irritation visibly plaguing him as he continued to stare out his window. That’s what he had been doing all day, ever since the storm brewing outside had come. That wasn’t what bothered him, and he couldn’t get the doubts out of his mind as he recalled a few days earlier what had happened.

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Nobunaga/Ranmaru Fanfic

(This is what I think up when I’m bored… I’m so productive, right? .___.)

(Fixed O..o)

Nobunaga stared curiously at his young page, he was acting most unusual today. Typically Ranmaru was overflow with gentle attentiveness and charming wit, but today his head was resting listlessly against a table. He seemed to be staring out at nothing, his eyes slightly unfocused. “Ran?” Nobunaga lent forward and put his hand on the fragile boys shoulder, but that got him no response. Leaning forward with growing concern, “Ran…?” Nobunaga felt slightly anxious but Ranmaru seemed to snap out of his daze and look up at him.

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Someone tell me what’s going on xD

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