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Sa-chan’s Top Ten Koei biases (Ladies edition) Theme:Sightless

I could go on forever about what makes them special to me, but I’ll leave that for you all to ask.

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20 Days of Samurai Warriors
Day Three- Favorite Game

Warriors Orochi 3! It’s by far my all time favorite Koei game now, and I loved everything about it. <3 So far the only thing I have to look forward to is the DLC because I’ve completed everything but I’m really excited to see how those play out. I also love all the choices for costumes that will be coming for DLC and that were already available <3 I really enjoyed it, a lot of characters had a moment of spotlight, they did awesome with this game, everything about it was perfect. I can’t think of anything that I dislike about it. Other than my own impatience and desire to have the DLC x3

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Why does Nobunaga have a fucking camera X’D

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<333 Made a Sig for… Whenever I go back to Forums.

IF I go back to Forums, can’t say I can find a decent as well as active forum. All the active ones are filled to the brim with fucking morons and all the cool ones get like 20 posts a month xD

And TSE is wayyy to big a forum for me, still too shy to post much there <3 But I love it, anyway.

I put all my love for Nobu/Ran into this e__e <3 I adore these two so much, their relationship is breathtaking, sweet yet tragic, full of love and affection and conflicting persona’s. Ran is like the purity in Nobunaga’s life, but at the same time Nobunaga taints him to be so dark sometimes, I think that’s why Nobunaga gets such a thrill around Ranmaru, he’s maintained a certain degree of innocence even though Nobunaga’s influence in his life is so very apparent. I think this is shown all the way down to their clothing and coloring. Ranmaru always has some sort of white or bright color along with Black or Purple to show his connection to Nobunaga, at the same time as sharing colors they both have a few polars, and that’s basically their relationship. For two people who think so closely alike they act so different, Ranmaru accepts Nobunaga and Nobunaga cherishes Ranmaru to the point of telling him he’s blessed to have him in his life. Nobunaga adores Ranmaru so much he expresses desires to see Ranmaru break out from his ‘page’ status and find himself, desires to see Ranmaru as more than just his servant/bodyguard, and not to be held to the standards that society would dictate that he does.

I’m just so full of love for this pairing <3

That and the way Ranmaru sexually molests Nobunaga in his praises
My god
The battlefield isn’t a good place to give your lord a hard-on, Ranmaru sweetie <3

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